School and University Security

Schools, universities, and other educational institutions require special care with safety. It is necessary that the established safety methodology does not interfere with the performance of the teaching activities. We are able to evaluate the existing security, evaluate the specifics risks of each establishment, suggest, implement and even manage school / university safety.

Students, teachers and staff that are engaged in the educational task and can not afford to take risks from criminals and misfits. The security system used must provide the peace of mind that everyone expects in the educational environment. Recent occurrences in the US and Brazil, involving murderous shooters in schools, demonstrate the fragility of the current system. And not only this, it is necessary to predict situations of riots, fights, thefts, bullying, trafficking and drug use.

Our work creates a security plan for the establishment, including predicting crisis situations. We plan and implement access controls, perimeter security, protection of areas of risk (gas & energy), monitoring systems, systems for medical emergencies, fire and panic alerts. We also guide the proper use of patrimonial surveillance of the establishment and the protection of computers against “hackers” and other cyber-criminals.