Alimony & Food Pension

abstract_2We seek information and evidence (author or defendant) for maintenance procedures. Everything your lawyer needs in terms of evidence. If the evidence exists, we will locate, collect or report the location. See also our personal income verification service (on this site).

If you are filing an action to receive or cancel food allowance our staff can assist you. In order to receive, we raise the income and the apparent income, if the person works and where, the lifestyle that is taking, etc. If your interest is to stop paying child support for a child who is already an adult, we get up if he is working, if he is in good health to support himself, if he can work, if he really uses the money for his studies and goes to school, etc. If your concern is with the pension for your ex-wife we check if the spouse already has another relationship that exempts you from continuing to pay, if she is working and where, if she isin good health, the type of life she leads, if she has conditions to support herself, etc.