The Professional

Acting in the profession of PROFESSIONAL DETECTIVE (Private Detective – Private Investigator) since 1980, DETECTIVE ÁBACUS is considered the best of the branch in Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and reference in the State. Headquartered in Porto Alegre, it also operates throughout Brazil, mainly in the states of São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. Its company, ÁBACUS AGENCY, is highly regarded in the market. Consult the large law firms.

At the national level, it stands side by side with the top five Professional Detectives in the country. He acts with his company in all areas of investigation, specialized in crime and fraud. He is the only professional in Brazil to work in the North American system and the only one specialized in medical and health research. Also one of the rares Detectives with homicide crimes effectively solved.

Formed in Switzerland in ink (DNA ink money protection) systems for ATMs, CIT (cash in transit) and Retail.

With the qualification of amateur master supplied by the Brazilian Navy and knowledge in nautical and waterway transportation, he is able to carry out investigations that involve accidents with vessels, port activities and maritime transport.

Professional with an enviable curriculum, was also officer of the Brazilian Army and Scout.