Since its founding in Porto Alegre in the year 1980, Ábacus has acquired a wealth of knowledge in the area of private investigation. With this, it has developed its own work methods, which facilitate the execution of contracted services, with an increase of efficiency, security and secrecy.

Each work goes through an analysis before it is started, where everything is verified and a work plan is drawn. Next we select the professionals who will act, where the execution of the service is discussed and only after that meeting with our personnel we will go to the action. During the execution, each job is followed step-by-step and at the end of each step a report is made. In the conclusion, everything that has been verified is gathered and the final report is made and the evidence or materials appended are attached. Only then will the client be notified of the termination and receive the result.

Sometimes the type of investigation is the same, but since each work is unique, there are no services that are totally alike and with the same characteristics, there will be adaptations in the methodology used. The basis of work is always the same. With this we guarantee to our clients the best of our productive capacity, better allocation of invested resources and a greater probability of success.