Forensic Investigation

Our company meets the needs of seeking legally accepted evidence sought by lawyers and law firms and their clients, whether these individuals or legal entities. In this way, we suppress the lawyer responsible for the cause with elements indispensable to his victory. From experience, we know that it is very important that the lawyer be part of the hiring process, telling us exactly the type of proof that is satisfactory to the case. For the lawyer there is no expense because the investigation is usually hired and paid by the client.

We are highly specialized in criminal investigation and we are the only private investigation company in the country specialized in medical investigations.

We note that in forensic investigation, in these years of market experience, there is a division in the form of our performance. Thus, we have two basic forms of contracting, (but that do not prevent other forms):

1) Hiring to search for evidence.

In this case, we seek the specific evidence indicated by the lawyer or his client, to illustrate the legal position adopted, the facts alleged, the truth of the facts, etc.

2) Hiring to search for information to guide legal process.

In this case we seek information only, not evidence. They are the information needed to guide the legal process or for the lawyer to know where to file a document, evidence or testimony. This type of work has been developed by our company for more than ten years and we rely on the initial and the contest for the first steps. We are the first company in Brazil to work in this type of investigation following the rigorous North American standards, which guarantees a work of high level and great reliability. The method is very safe and to date has not caused any kind of inconvenience to our customers.