Electronic Investigation

Electronic research involves the use of electronic equipment. In many cases, this type of work can be the difference between solving a particular case or not. We do not do phone clipping.
The Ábacus Agency is able to carry out the works listed below. See if what you need is in this list. If you can’t find it, contact us.

  • Phone line protection with anti-clamp
  • Internal recording in vehicles, with voice trigger
  • Cellular environment transmitter (unlimited access anywhere in the world).
  • External shooting, distance, with voice of the interlocutors.
  • Filming with micro cameras (internal, external, fixed and portable)
  • Location of telephone staples (line scan). With demonstration of effectiveness of our system.
  • Location of electronic tapping (environment scanning). With demonstration of effectiveness of our system.
  • Localization of recorders (magnetic and digital).
  • Against industrial espionage.
  • Against commercial espionage.
  • Digital and analogue photos (we can deliver with negatives).
  • External footage (on any media of your choice).
  • Internal filming with micro cameras.
  • Filming with infra-red (darkness).
  • Discrete recordings.
  • Monitoring of satellite vehicles, trackers, with internal transmitter (ambient voice), per week / month. (Without system purchase charge or monthly fee).