This type of work involves risk and is personally handled by Detective Ábacus, the owner of the company, who is one of the few rare professional detectives in the country with crimes effectively resolved. Detective Ábacus has a baggage of several crimes solved, some even divulged by the media.

In the criminal area we work in the investigation of homicides, pedophilia, robberies, kidnapping, rape and other crimes. If you, your family or your business need a solution in this area, schedule a time to personally handle the case. If you are being charged with a crime and seek evidence of your innocence, we offer in addition to the investigative service, the expert service to assist you. We act with or without involvement with the police authorities. We help lawyers in the search for evidence. We serve all over Brazil.


In the criminal area we do not investigate drug traffickers because we have no defense structure against this type of criminal activity. In this case, seek the authorities. In the case of minors or people involved with drugs, which do not constitute a crime, we can act without restrictions.

Detective Ábacus reserves the right (and legal duty) to communicate the authorities the final result of criminal investigations if any, as well as to point out perpetrators, involved and suspects, as well as appointing innocents unfairly involved. In criminal investigations the evidence obtained will be delivered to the contractor and, if applicable, to the constituted authorities. In cases of criminal investigation, the right of confidentiality of the client will not involve the act and the criminal, which we may at our discretion be widely disclosed and as required by law.