With more than 36 years of experience in adultery investigation, we offer an excellent service in this area. We guarantee the secrecy of information and security for those who hire us. Service performed with legally accepted, honest and reliable evidence, which you can use as you wish. Even for moral damage actions. Filming that guarantees the truth of the facts and acts of the person investigated. With our work you will know with whom, your face, if they are in motel, hotel or the house of the lover. We have located your address and other information that you wish. Just tell us what you need and how you want the job.

Adultery ceased to be a crime and became liable for damages for moral damages. Regardless of the legal side, adultery causes dissolution of family and relationships. The betrayed spouse is emotionally shaken and if there are children, the problem worsens.

Experience shows us that when the spouse or partner begins to distrust the partner it is because something in the relationship caught their attention. The person who feels betrayed begins to look for more evidence to reinforce the conviction that is forming. When these signs take the form of an “almost certainty” there remains only one viable path, which is to obtain the truth. Our company accompanies, photographs and films everything your partner is doing. No invasion of privacy. And we still deliver everything in writing in a detailed report. If you want to know the truth quickly, just contact us.

This service (family area) is only performed in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The other services offered by our company are executed throughout Brazil.

IMPORTANT ALERT: Some detectives are not what they seem. Very careful with those who have no fixed location to answer and no landline. Look at the type of advertising. Have references from whom you hire. Sites do not always represent a good professional.