Photos, Filming and Recordings

Common photos and digital photos. We took all kinds of photos. We deliver on film, print or digital media. Photos in complete darkness, difficult photos, underwater photos up to 12 meters, aerial photographs, macro-photographs, photo expertise.

Filming. We do all kinds of filming that you might need. We deliver on any type of media, your choice. Filming with micro cameras, night shooting, analogue filming. Digital filming. Filming underwater up to 12 meters, filming difficult, filming with sound at 50 meters distance, filming in open or closed public places, filming with transmission, micro cameras cameras hidden in ties, air conditioning, bags, Folders, packs and packs of cigarettes, etc. Internal filming with micro cameras. We install and rent equipment for discreet shooting with micro cameras, at your residence or at your company. Ideal for guarding nannies and suspicious staff. It can include recording up to 30 uninterrupted days. Wired and wireless. Filming with infrared (darkness). We shoot in complete darkness at distances of up to 10 meters. Filming with audio and video.

Discrete recordings. We make digital and analog audio recordings using discrete recorders. We have special writers for business services such as telemarketing control. External audio recordings with directional equipment.

All the above services are done within the law and the hiring depends on analysis of the legal aspect, being checked each case to avoid incurring invasion of privacy or illegal act.