The Ábacus Agency

The Ábacus Detective Agency is today one of the best and most well-prepared private detective agencies in Brazil, located in Porto Alegre, at the state of RS (Rio Grande do Sul). We combine our skills and our passion for the profession with understanding for customer issues. Our reports and expertise are the correct expression of the observed truth  during the work. We do not lie, we do not invent, we do not omit and we do not modify information, however big the benefit may be. We have a name to guard. We prioritize for the best possible execution of the work within the contracted term, depending on the values made available, the initial data provided by the client and the reality found. The fact that it is private and paid work does not oblige us to falsify or conceal the truth. So our reports are true and reliable. The Ábacus Agency follows the legal norms and the Code of Ethics of the Profession. Whenever you have in hand a work developed by our agency you can be sure to be faced with a serious, honest, clear and crystalline work, executed in the best way possible.

Our company acts with private investigation for persons and companies, information advisory for companies and search of evidence for lawyers. Based on methods always within Brazilian law and legislation, we provide legally accepted evidences. Our methods have been tested for years and are updated and adapted constantly. The number and variety of cases in which we operate in all these years (since 1980) are reflected directly in the experience of our professional baggage.

Ábacus adopts the criterion “according to each case”. We strictly select a group of autonomous professionals specialized in different areas and that are triggered according to the type of work. In this way, when attending a client this has at his disposal a professional or a group of professionals with the capacity and knowledge to execute correctly what is demanded. All work is supervised ensuring efficiency and high professional level. With this method of human resources management, the company meets the demanding criteria of quality that it submits to itself, being able to perform satisfactorily in all types of investigations, expertise and in the area of security.

Our company guarantees the execution of the contracted research service. The guarantee of the result of the service depends on the data provided by the client, the financial resources made available and the reality found. In this way, we guarantee the execution of the work, but the result is independent of our will, effort or ability, even with our usual dedication.
We guarantee the maintenance of secrecy at the level required for each job.
These guarantees can be described in contract, at the discretion of the client and the company.

Why you should prefer the Ábacus Agency?
The Ábacus Agency has been active in the area of private investigation and security counseling since 1980.

  • A genuinely Brazilian company, able to compete on an equal footing with any of its competitors in the national market and with international research giants operating in Brazil.
  • Company legally constituted, with CNPJ (CGC), with issuance of service invoice and service agreement. (Not mandatory if you do not want to be formally identified).
  • Trademark registered at INPI, ensuring that you and your company are entrusting your confidential business to a company that shows concern for good name and professional competence.
  • Our headquarters are in a discreet location, without signs that may cause embarrassment to our clients’ visits.
  • Discreet phone service. We never mention our activity until you tell us about it, guaranteeing the client security if our number is found by someone else in their relationship.
  • More than 30 years at the same address, with the same phones, demonstrating the stability of the company and the security that you will find us the next day in the same place.
  • Fleet of own vehicles, cars and motorcycles, increasing mobility, speed and the exchange of vehicles daily with less expense and drawing less attention in investigations.
  • Training of personnel in the company itself, through courses and constant meetings, ensuring a high level of work performance.
  • Personalized, scheduled service that avoids meeting clients with other people or visiting wherever you are in any city in Brazil.
  • For security we never treat anything by phone or email, unless the subject is banal and of everyday.
  • Equipment appropriate to the reality of investigations and the search for evidence.
  • Legal advice for all areas of law free of charge, for your consultation in case of doubts or need.
  • Specific budget for each case, as there are no equal cases, so that you only pay what is appropriate to your case and nothing else.
  • Own financing in case of installment payment.
  • We serve with the same professionalism and without distinction both the individuals and the legals entities.