The individual dossier comprises surveying the life of a particular person. It can be generalized or specific. It will be specific if you want to know about a particular aspect of this person’s life. It can cover various subjects such as sexual preferences, honesty, places where he/she worked, types of friendships, temperament, previous life, etc.

  The legal entity dossier presents specific aspects about the investigated company. If it fulfill it’s commitments, if it respond to lawsuits, if there is a good trading partner, if the entity is on the verge of bankruptcy, have good directors and these directors are reliable, and so on.

Previous life research is a type of dossier. In this case the client determines how much time he wants to know about the life of a person or company.

The dossiers do not constitute an act of invasion of privacy or espionage. All work is done legally in the form of research and investigation.