Against Industrial and Commercial Espionage

Brazilian industries, contrary to what is seen abroad, do not usually protect themselves from espionage. This is a mistake that can cost a lot to companies. Although it looks like a movie thing, it’s very common and the owner only realizes after the damage has already occurred. The simple fact that you look at your competitor’s website on the Internet is a mild and harmless form of espionage that almost everyone does. You do this to know how and what they are offering that you still do not offer. But if this does not cause damage. Professional espionage causes. It infiltrates your company and your employees, checks the garbage you produce and knows everything you do, even before your new idea hits the market. It produces piracy. And no matter if your company is a bakery or a big industry, that new bread you invented or that new product you are going to launch may already be in the hands of your competitors. That may also be the explanation why your business department has lost so much business. If you have this type of problem or want to avoid it, please contact us. We are able to locate “Yuri” (spy) and create mechanisms to protect him from this kind of nefarious and disloyal action.

We also investigate anonymous letters and anonymous phone calls, with methodology developed by our company and expert advice.

Commercial Espionage Counter

Commercial espionage is responsible for loss of business, contracts, and important employees.

Also check our network, computer and systems protection against third party service.