Investigation Advisory

We accompany the work of police investigation or private investigation (other detectives or experts) as experts hired (by the party) and / or appointed (judicially) or extra officially by proxy. This work aims to advise those interested who can not evaluate the work being done and who wish to prevent injustice, embezzlement, fraud, falsehood and intimidation. This work may be accompanied by other experts and lawyers, as the case may be.


Cases of accompanying work of legally constituted authorities are not intended to interfere with official work, nor to hinder it in any way whatsoever, but only to evaluate to the person concerned what is being done and to instruct him on what is right or wrong Investigation procedures and official reports. We do not take any legal, illegal or influence actions on the works of authorities. The contractor who feels injured in any way whatsoever should see a lawyer and seek his rights against the public power.